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Take full control of your PC's processes and inventory

Manage PC also lets you take control of PCs through familiar interfaces. Use remote desktop, VNC, reboot, start/stop services, uninstall software and more directly from the ManagePC interface.

The program has actually been around in various forms since 2005. It began life simply as an .HTA script but development moved to the .NET framework in 2006 which vastly improved it's usability and opened it up to a wider audience. In late 2006 ManagePC was made available to all users without Active Directory. ManagePC allows you to make an inventory of all aspects of machines that belong to the same domain. With ManagePC, you can see at a glance the hardware available in each machine, operational services, software installed, running processes and also manage users and groups on your network. It goes much further than that though as the program can be accessed remotely via a Remote Desktop or VNC which means that you can also reboot, uninstall programs and stop services at any time.

For network administrators or just someone that wants total control over their PC, ManagePC packs a powerful punch.

ManagePC is an open source .NET application for PC management in Windows environments.

Using ManagePC you can inventory all aspects of PCs on your domain including Hardware, Services, Software, Hot-Fixes, Processes and Local Users and Groups.


  • Can be accessed remotely
  • Easy to administer and use
  • Takes a full inventory of your PC


  • Doesn't feature much online support

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ManagePC for PC

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